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Designed for leaders ready to develop their commercial and business acumen muscles so that they can confidently contribute and lead discussions around critical business numbers. In 6 facilitated sessions over 3 or 6 weeks, learn how to influence key decisions, tell stories and achieve outstanding results by mastering the financial and operational levers that matter.


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Unlock the secrets to leading through numbers

Accelerate your ability to be a changemaker, empowered to make decisions that drive outstanding business outcomes, and earn the confidence of your team and executive management by adopting transparent leadership principles based on a sound understanding of the financials.

Here is what you will be able to do:

  • Read & interpret the financial statements of a business
  • Understand the difference between a budget, forecast and actuals & communicate the why
  • Forecast confidently and move from analysis to action
  • Build & recommend sound business cases

No more nodding along pretending you get it. Nail the understanding of the critical numbers in your business so that you can confidently add your voice to the discussions that matter.

This is not the boring accounting version of numbers. This is the fun - wow - is that what I need to know version!

There's just one problem...

Achieving this goal is easier said than done

  • Here are some reasons why this stuff is hard. People often pop their hands over their ears and sing lalala because they grew up thinking they were not good at maths
  • Sometimes accountants like to use fancy words (they did study for a long time) and it is intimidating
  • Sometimes people say “I'm all about the people, I’m not a numbers person”
  • Someone you don’t like the person who told you that you should learn the numbers
  • Only boring people talk about this stuff

Here's the truth:

It doesn't have to be this way

If you want to contribute, if you want a seat at the table, then understanding the levers to produce better business results is critical. By learning to tell stories through the numbers, you will engage people at all levels and influence the change you want to see. In 6 (2 hour sessions), together with a one on one fiscal coaching session and coursework you will be a Numbers Ninja and proud of it in no time.

"Not only did it make me a better leader and allow for career growth, it filtered into my personal life, allowing me to ensure I had financial security. Overall it made me a stronger leader"

Bec, Account Executive

Finance  - Move to Mastery

Designed for leaders who are managing P&L’s and Cost Centres (or are aspiring to) and are ready to improve their communication skills by learning how to interpret, analyse, take confident action and lead through the numbers.

Weekly Live sessions

6 virtual sessions over 3 weeks (2 hour per session) to discuss and embed the concepts with your facilitator.

Self-paced Online Learning

Access to learning modules (incl. pre-work, workbooks and quizzes)  for 6 months following your course to continue to test your new skills.

Straight Talk

Easy to understand down to earth facilitators who want to pass on the skills to tell stories from the numbers & help you deliver results.

One on One Coaching

60 minute Individual session tailored to translate the learnings to your specific work environment and ensure you are ready to be a numbers ninja right away.

Here's what you'll learn in just the first 4 modules

Everything you need to achieve your goal

Module 1

Numbers Ninja

Understand the fundamentals and purpose of a Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow and what you need to now all three (adopt the cow analogy)

Module 2

The Right Numbers Count

What’s the difference between a budget, forecast & actuals (why should you care and why does risk matter) and how do you communicate when you are not going to meet budget? Know the levers that matter and don’t waste time on numbers without impact. Move quickly and confidently from analysis to action and make decisions with the bigger picture in mind.

Module 3

Unleashing my inner Mandrake

Yesterday matters, so does tomorrow. Why looking backwards and forwards is super important. Trend analysis, seasonality, how to forecast and how to explain the why behind your numbers. How to do a what if analysis and consider Black Swan events. (what? I’m just here for the numbers)

Module 4

My hands are untied

Building business cases, calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) all matter if you want to get your business recommendations taken seriously. Be a changemaker.

Ready to achieve your goal? 
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  • 6 Live Facilitated 120 minute Sessions (2 per week over 3 weeks)
  • Self paced online learning and case study exercises
  • 6 months access to all sessions post course completion




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Excluding GST

Choose from multiple start dates 

  • 6 Live Facilitated 120 minute Sessions (2 per week over 3 weeks)
  • Self paced online learning and case study exercises
  • 6 months access to all sessions post course completion
  • x One Hour Individual Coaching Session (valued at $700)

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Choose from multiple start dates 

  • 6 Live Facilitated 120 minute Sessions (2 per week over 3 weeks)
  • Self paced online learning and case study exercises
  • 6 months access to all sessions post course completion
  • 2 x One Hour Individual Coaching Sessions (valued at $1,400)

Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Kelli Hayes

As a CEO leading teams of 6500 people globally I understood the need to unlock the secrets of the financials to deliver success. I invested in teaching all of my employees to read, interpret and analyse the numbers and to identify the critical levers that improve business outcomes. Together we understood that numbers tell you the story, so when you understand them, you can ask the why behind them and know where to focus your efforts.

This focus led to extraordinary business success. Industry leading employee engagement, retention and long loyal client relationships.
I am a number advocate, not an accountant. I speak your language and bring experiential facilitated learning that is fun, engaging and encourages you to leverage your curiosity.

But it wasn't always this way...


I’ve always known that the numbers mattered. But, early in my career I didn’t know how to find the story they were telling. I didn’t see the messages and I couldn’t articulate the “why” behind the changes I wanted to lead. The magic is in seeing the why. On knowing the questions to ask and the levers to pull to make an impact.

So, I began to lead through the numbers. Because I could see the numbers were trying to tell us something, I could ask my team the right questions to determine where we should be focusing our efforts to move the numbers – the way we wanted them to move.

I created interactive sessions to share how to find the ‘number narrative’ so my team were asking the right questions, being decisive, working proactively and forward thinking about how they could influence results.

I am passionate that people should have access to numbers - to their numbers. Numbers they can read, influence, and learn from. I would love to share it with you.


This is possible for you too.

Your path to your goal

1. Join Finance - Move to Mastery

Click the "Let's Do This" button and follow the checkout steps. In minutes, you'll get confirmation that your seat is reserved

2. Dive in and take action

Dive into the content and take action. Can’t wait for the first facilitated session? It's okay, you have online course work to do to get you started!  

3. Reach your goal

Feel confident to analyse and take action to drive brilliant business outcomes. Take your seat at the table able to endorse better business decisions.


This is for you if:

  • You are ready to accelerate your impact
  • You are already managing a P&L or cost centre (or are aspiring to)
  • Want to develop strong commercial and business acumen

This isn't for you if:

  • You have completed 4 years of accounting and want to join in and use fancy words
  • You are not serious about having fun with the number. (Kidding - we want to make sure you are ready to put the work in, ask lots of brilliant questions and engage)
  • You want to keep your hands over your ears singing lalalala

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to leading through the numbers?

Financial literacy supports us well beyond our career goals. It can teach us to manage our financial resources both on the personal and professional level. It's more than just balance sheets - it’s decision making for the short and long term. The know how behind investing and planning for our future. This course makes the language of finance accessible and fun.


Real talk, my friend

It's your chance to speak a new language

Once you unlock the fundamentals of Finance you can fully contribute at the table. You can engage your teams in the why behind business decisions and you can better influence the changes you want to lead.

You might only be a few financial AHA moments away from accelerating your influence and impact.

Your hands are tied if you decide the numbers are not for you.
Everyone can understand them, give yourself a chance to learn.

Here's what's waiting for you on the other side:
  • Stronger commercial & Business acumen
  • Confidence in setting and achieving performance outcomes
  • Ability to influence change