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No More Secrets! Extraordinary leaders share their journeys from Good to Great.

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Our Programs
We recognise that Ambitious Women need courage too. Courage to take the first step, then the next step. Confidence comes later. Everyone has a CEO inside them. Join us to discover yours.

Our Mastermind isn't just a one-off program.

We provide an ongoing connection to develop a deep and lasting network, work together to find your voice, create a safe and accountable space for you to grow and get into real action to be an authentic leader.

Our Masterminds consist of a choice of  two courses: Get Your Brave On (6 weeks)  and  The Next Brave Step (12 weeks)

All Mastermind courses cover personal and professional content, rounding your leadership skills and providing you with the confidence and resilience to run an enterprise wide business.

Next Brave Step (12 week program)

Facilitated by Melissa Hamilton and supported by experienced CEOs and  expert guest presenters, we explore the 7 steps to being a Brave Feminine Leader.

Our twelve week program is an invite only course that takes participants on the journey of understanding the 7 steps to being a Brave Feminine Leader. The program delivers live 90 minute workshops on every week and is supported by monthly one on one mentoring sessions.

- The program provides participants with…

- A Brave Development Plan - future focused & intentional about your career

- 3 individual mentoring sessions

- Access to 12 months of our alumni networking program after graduation

- Access to our growing Brave Feminine Leadership interview library, providing on demand inspiration

- Recommended books, handpicked to help you continue your journey

The Next Brave Step is run throughout the year, with courses commencing throughout 2022.

Use the link below to book some time with Melissa and discuss if the Next Brave Step is right for you


12 weeks





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" Perfect balance of inspiration / podcasts, some theory/ frameworks as well as the autonomy/ accountability to create your own development plan. The access to the specialists as well as guest speakers and the amazing coaching circle and 1.1 coaching session. "

" Whilst other leadership development courses usually gives a one size fits all framework, this masterclass was very bespoke and customised to me "

Get Your Brave On (6 week program)

Our six week Masterclass provide live 90 minute workshops each week, focused on defining what an extraordinary life & success looks like for you.

During the course we cover…
- Defining your leadership values & vision
- Be a bold contributor in the workplace
- Understand and remove the conscious and unconscious barriers that could be getting in your own way
- Create the unique story of YOU, owning your space & defining your presence
- Setting yourself up to kick off your Brave Action plan
- You also will gain access to join our Alumni networking program with wonderful like-minded leaders.

Our 6 week program runs throughout the year, with upcoming scheduled start dates next month.


6 weeks





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"Honestly, I loved every part of the masterclass and it is hard to fault anything - it provided me with the tools that I needed to own my own career. I was surprised at how much I was able to get out of the four weeks. I wish there was more!"

" Just wanted to say that all the facilitators were absolutely amazing. I felt everyone was brave, genuine and inspiring to hear from and it gave me so much energy. After each session, I felt inspired and excited for my own career and the best part was realising the potential that I already had in me and building that confidence to just back myself. "

Interview Series

Started by Melissa Hamilton in 2021, the Brave Feminine Interview Series is comprised of over 60, video-based interviews with exceptional leaders from around the globe.

The conversations focus on the conscious and unconscious barriers that often get in the way of Females reaching their full potential. Each interview considers the critical question of “What does Brave Feminine Leadership mean today and does it need to change?”

Melissa continues to evolve and grow the series, and will be adding to the library on an ongoing basis.

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