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I have the best role in the world – one that I created purpose fit for me!

I am on a mission to inspire 100,000 women to take their next step. To stop being their best kept secret! Leadership is absolutely an inner game – and this is where I play.

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Ambitious Women need courage too. Courage to take the first step, then the next step. Confidence comes later. My programs are designed to focus on ‘self’, working through three pillars: Confidence, Clarity, and Intention.

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Discover your leadership mindset, know and build on your leadership strengths, learn how to be bolder in the workplace, discover and apply our unique framework to Bravely Lead and create your personal strategic leadership plan. 


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The proven system that helps senior professional women create more rewarding career opportunities, without second guessing themselves so that can maximise their salary and make a lasting impact.

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An innate sense of curiosity & a passion for learning, Cookie found herself ready for her next step.

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We are both. Imagine a coach or mentor that has a unique skill set combining empathy and bravery to help you grow your leadership potential.

That’s us.

One of our superpowers is listening and asking questions (pretty good superpowers for a Coach or Mentor). One of those questions could unlock an answer for you. You might be surprised at what we unlock together in 30 minutes.

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In my Interview Series I share amazing stories of exceptional leaders from around the globe. Together we break down myths of leadership, imposter syndrome and the conscious and unconscious barriers to help us all be braver. Step by step.

I ask every leader “What does Brave Feminine Leadership mean today, and does it need to change?”

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Each month we deliver our audience a webinar to provide actionable insights and approaches and ultimately support each individual on their journey to unlocking their full potential. The webinars are completely free and run at multiple times to accommodate our global audience. 

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Brave Feminine Leadership in the News

Brave Feminine Leadership is an important conversation - one that is multi-faceted. I have written articles, shared my story or written about other Brave Feminine Leaders.
Grab a cuppa, a wine or snuggle under the doona, whatever works best to let yourself focus. The articles are a short read - enjoy!

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I am Melissa Hamilton

Founder of Brave Feminine Leadership, a Company Director, Executive Mentor and former CEO leading 5000+ incredible people globally. I’m a Mum to two gorgeous teenagers and an incredible wife (mostly) to my husband Jeremy.

Inspiring women to take the next intentional step in their career is my passion and I firmly believe that the world will be a better place when the incredible privilege of leadership is equally shared. When feminine energy is allowed to shine as brightly as masculine energy.

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