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Our programs are tailored to senior professional leaders. Dive into a shorter program for a leadership refresh, back yourself by truly mastering the critical Profit & Loss numbers & drivers or Join us, by invitation only, at our Signature Elevate & Influence Mastermind.

Extraordinary Life & Career Blueprint

The Intention Code

A dynamic 9 week circuit breaker for female leaders ready to build an extraordinary life and career blueprint that brings energy & clarity and gets you closer to the career you want, without sacrificing the things you value. The first step towards a sustainable and intentional life in just 90 mins per week….

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"As a leader I had resigned myself that the role was tough and I needed to cope. I have learned more in 6 weeks with joining the leadership program than years of struggling on my own."

FRANCES, Senior Change Manager, Technology Services

Take the next step to unleash your potential

P&L Power: A woman's practical playbook for leading 

Unlock the secrets to leading through numbers and truly managing a Profit and Loss (not it managing you). Take your seat at the table confident in your ability to make better business decisions. Skyrocket your confidence and capability as you master the language of financials and learn how to tell compelling stories through the numbers.

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"Not only did it make me a better leader and allow for career growth, it filtered into my personal life, allowing me to ensure I had financial security. Overall it made me a stronger leader"

Bec, Account Executive

Hone your mastery as a leader of the moment

Leadership | Move to Mastery

Leaders aren't born, they are made! And the most effective leaders know how to inspire, lead with empathy and find joy in what they do without feeling inauthentic! Learn how to  master today's leadership "must have" skills and develop your own unique approach that will have you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

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"I loved being part of the  Leadership program. I enjoyed being challenged around how I viewed myself as a leader and the opportunity to deeply self reflect. Thank you "

Justine, Executive Principal

Take things to the next-level

Elevate & Influence

Our unique and proven system that helps senior professional women create more rewarding career opportunities without second guessing themselves so that they can maximise their salary, make a lasting impact and stand up as Women of Influence.

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"This program helped me achieve a role that encompasses so many aspects of my vision it’s almost magical"

Andrea, Vice President at Institute of Chemical Engineers

Growth Kickstarter Pack

In less than 30 minutes, it will allow you to identify the noise getting in your way, raise your awareness around what really matters and activate a clear path ahead so you can reconnect with your passion and feel energised by your dreams again.